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The Bundesliga for me is the best league in the world only challenged by Spain and the only reason Spain can challenge is because of Barcelona and Real Madrid and the fact that the top 3 player in the world currently play there(messi,ronaldo,kaka).I know the first argument that someone will put up is the premiership but for me on most aspects the bundesliga comes out ontop.

*There is around 6 maybe at a push 8 teams that could realistically win the bundesliga but in england for me theres is only 2

*I think the 2006 world cup proved that Germany has the best stadia

*It is by far the best supported league in the world with all teams usually selling out there games.

*The main reason i think its the best league in the world is that if you take two so called average teams from each league, the bundesliga will mostly have a better quality of football and be an all round better football experience eg blackburn v tottenham or dortmund v hamburg i know which one i would pick

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i for one rate bundesliga very highly, some great derbies, obv im inclined to HSV but most other games are great for a neutral, football is good, crowds are best in europe (atmosphere and participation not just attendances). eredivisie comes very close behind bundesliga, ajax v twente was incredible game at the weekend

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Germans love their football and the clubs work hard to make the game day experience affordable for fans and it is paying dividends now.

Stadiums always full and even in the 2nd Bundesliga it is very similar. In fact I think the 2nd Bundesliga is also among the top 5 leagues in Europe, when it comes to average attendance.

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An anti-Bundesliga argument I read in the usually ok Shortlist magazine was that 'if English stadia were bigger, their average attendances would be even higher'. I wanted to slap the journalist. How often do Blackburn/Wigan/Bolton sell out their stadium? Utter bullshit.

Also another pro-EPL argument is that it's the 'fastest' league in the world. Well, I guarantee that my 5 a side is more end to end than your average EPL match. The pace at which the game is the game is played is pointless if the technical ability does't match.

People also downgrade it because the teams usually aren't as successful as English sides in the CL, but the play in the league is vastly superior to the EPL in my view

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