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Is there any displays planned for tomorrow night.?

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I'll tell you why that was...........

The team always came out to the billy boys. Always had the place rocking.

aye,and it's different kind of fans that went back then compared to now. i would rather the fans that went back then came back. (tu)

too many people coming to the champions league who never go to a cup or league game,unless it's a cup final,or the old firm.

theres always people behind me at champions league games who are never there every other week. and they also sound as if they nothing about football.

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Parma game never had a display and the atmosphere scared the life out of them

Bring back the fearsome roar when they are in the tunnel

What a night that was. Remember it like it was yesterday. Fergie had ortega in his pocket. He was man marking him that night. The same day of the solar eclipse aswel. Haha.

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