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Should we say goodbye to the CIS Cup


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After only 25,000 gers fans turning up for the game against dunfermline and the fact that only 4 clubs (not including our own) being bothered sending reprensentation to the draw last week, is it time to scrap it all together. I wonder if we the fans would miss it as i dont think the players would. I would not mind seeing a new format brought to it like maybe a british cup to try and bring some life to this uninspiring cup.

I dont know if any one would agree or has some ideas of there own for the cup

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Would the EPL be willing to give up the carling cup? and would carling be willing to walk out of the deal? no.

League cup will be sponcered again, rangers media ftp gstq scottish league cup?

Why would Carling have to walk out of the deal - they could be the sponsors of a British Cup.

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