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$23,000 PC Xbox 360 hybrid


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HARD core gamers rejoice. An American computing company has created a customisable PC-Xbox hybrid that can set you back nearly $23,000.

American computing company Origin PC has announced the release of a liquid cooled, high-end, customisable gaming system for computer geeks and gamers with money to burn.

The PC-Xbox 360 hybrid gaming system fuses the fastest computing hardware on the planet with the Xbox 360 Slim to create the ultimate gaming weapon, albeit with the price tag of a small car.

The Big O incorporates Origin's overclocking hardware with the game console built directly into the case and starts at $10,699.

Add customisable features such as Intel's Xeon processors and a second CPU and you could pay up to $22,799 and have a system overclocked to 4.5GHZ.

Kevin Wasielewski, CEO and Co-Founder of Origin said the computer will satisfy any power hungry gamer.

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"But when you create the ultimate personal computer system it has to be designed to go above and beyond gaming."

Liquid cooling reduces heat and fan noise and the company provides a team of specialists to work with the gamer assembling a tailor made gaming system.

The case is also customisable for those who value aesthetics as well as raw power.


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