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Changes in coefficients


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Since Celtic are hopeless in Europe the tatters of what's left of Scotland's voice in football is left in the hands of the great Rangers.

This might be jumping the gun slightly but if Rangers qualify through the group or even go into the Europa League, How much will Rangers and Scotlands European coefficants improve?

The win tonight along with the draw away with Manchester United has to count for something, Does it not?

Im not too clued up oon how the ranking systems operate(just in case you didnt notice :rolleyes: )

Congrats to everyone of the rangers players tonight and the fans, everyone went the extra mile.


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There isn't really an answer to that question.


It depends on many factors, e.g.

1. How well the clubs/countries above us and below us in the list (see second link below) get on this year.

2. How well other clubs/countries got on in season 2006/2007 (coefficients work on a 5 year average, so every team's points from 06/07 are discarded next year, and their 2010/2011 scores are added on)

3. How well we get on this year - we're currently sitting on 7.52 points for this year, which is already better than last year and the year before added together!

Since 2006/07 was a relatively good year for us points-wise (14.35) and 2007/08 was even better (22.05) We really need to better those two years over the next 2 years (a big ask!). So the chances are our points total will go down over the next 2 years as those 2 good scores drop off.

The year after that (2013/2014), things should start improving again because the points that drop off are from the Kaunus year (0.375)

However, that is only our points standing. Even if we improve our points, it doesn't guarantee an improved ranking, cos other teams below us may do even better (and/or may have scored less than 14.35 in 2006/07) and thus leapfrog us.


Ach, work that out yourself!

All the info you need is here...

All you need to know about UEFA coefficients

And here's Rangers' current standing...

Club coefficients 2010/2011

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