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Rangers' new 'Head of Security'?


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His name is David Martin; former Strathclyde police officer and advisor to the Scottish Executive IIRC....

I asked him to warn C_B for lurking about outside Ibrox and accosting passers-by as they try to go for a well earned pre-match pint!

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Now you know his name C_B what has he done to you?

I agree with Minstral, probably another Rangers fan hater. Why these people are employed by the club I have no idea.

Time: Approx 5.45pm - 6.00pm or thereabouts.

Location: My 'pitch' opposite the JG statue.

In attendance: Yours truly, two Bears of my acquaintance from Norn'Iron, one of whom was holding aloft two match tickets he was trying to move on.

Oh.............and a Rangers programme seller not more than 10-feet from me.

The place was quite deserted save a few groups of hospitality bods wandering hither and yonder waiting for friends to arrive before they headed for the pre-match swally, when I noticed this tall figure approach - club tie, smart jacket and a 'UEFA' plastic badge visible on his person.

Thinking this might be one of the hob-knobs looking for a zine I turned to offer same when he spoke.

HOSG (Head of Security guy): "Eh......we'd like you to move!"

Me: Pardon?

HOSG: We'd like you to move away from the statue.

Me: Why?

HOSG: Just because we would. People congregate here and so on.

Me: Excuse me......but who are you?

HOSG: I'm the Club's Head Of Security.

Me: Is that right? And why, pray tell, would I want to move when I've been stood here for at least 16-years or more on the same spot. When your predecessor didn't ask me to move, nor the guy before him....in fact, I've been here long before the statue (memorial) was put in place? I'm breaking no Law, creating no disturbance. I'm not on Rangers' property and I notice there's a programme seller (with a metal box) who is even closer to the statue you're speaking about.

HOSG: I don't know about that, but you could move down a bit.

Me: Could I? And how far down are we talking?

HOSG: Look..........I'm politely asking you to move.

Me: Thanks for the offer, but I'm POLITELY declining your offer.

HOSG: (Now looking for some reason to 'get' somebody) Right! We'll see about that. You'll be hearing more about this.

Me: Is that a threat?

HOSG: He doesn't answer this last one and, looking flustered he steps two paces to my right and harasses the Norn'Iron Bear trying to move on match tickets.

He ended up taking the guy's name, etc. The Norn'Iron Bear stood his ground and after the HOSG (he never did utter his name) left the scene we all three decided this guy is a useless jobsworth fud.

A Champions League night in Glasgow when visiting Turkish fans are in town.

With the reputation 'some' Turkish clubs' fans have you would think the Rangers HOSG (Mr No-Name) would have more things to be concerning himself with.

My letter to Ibrox will reflect that.

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Thats shocking CB and a total disgrace, you werent even on the clubs property, they cant do that. Well done for standing up to him, I guess he had the 'I'm new and want to make an impression' syndrome, well he certainly succeeded there.

The "impression" he left on all three of us is of someone who acts like the genitals of a female.

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you are just a fucking troublemaker CB

poor guy just wanted to shift you along a bit and you gave him a hard time

he's only doing his job


I was getting my fingers sharpened (no pencils required) to fire off a response........... when I noticed...... (:wink:).

Note to self: Must pay more attention to wind-up replies. :party:

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He is complete and utter prick, worse than the previous two from what i've experienced. Strikes me as someone desperate to make an impression on the support.

As I said before, he has certainly succeeded on this occasion. I dare say we will be hearing more from him in due course.

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Security people are wankers at the best of times, I hate bouncers on principle although when there are good ones (such as at the WRC and Oran Mor) I give them credit for being sound. Most though are just jumped up arseholes who were either the school bully, they were picked on or want to have some sort of power but dont have any other skills to achieve any sort of power in the real world.

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Terrible that. Cheers for sharing, at least you stood up for yourself.

I thought it would be difficult to find someone worse than Lawrance McIntyre (he banned me for life, despite me getting a not guilty in court) but I think we've found someone worse :disappointment:

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