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Should Women Be Allowed At Football

Should Women Be Allowed At The Footie ?  

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  1. 1. Should Women Be Allowed At The Footie ?

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Might sound a bit harsh but I think they are partly to blame for lack of atmosphere.

if it was all guys, then there would be more of a chance of getting the Ultra style support

also I think kids should need to be a certain age, if we want that Ibrox Roar back

your thoughts ?

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Yes they should be allowed. It would be ridiculous if they weren't and I don't like the idea that if I had a son I coulden't take him to the football, however they should be in a different section to the people that want to sing.

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i just had the same convo wi my mrs the other day, she asked why i wouldnt take her to a game and i told her its not for women

TBH she knows all the songs and walks about singing them randomly at times, but fucked that its bad enough going to a pub wi her anopt being able to be my roudy noisy self be even worse b4 n after a game

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my nephew soaked up his first game a week before his 3rd birthday, spent the whole game repeating everything i shouted and yellin 'we are the people'...which i taught him just before he was 2! i cant wait to take him again, he was actually sad that grandma and grandad were coming to pick me up last night and he couldnt come!

the only interest i have in becoming a father one day is to have my own wee bears

earlier the better for kids

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