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Is it just me that finds them very boring to watch? The media types make a big deal about how they play football the right way and how it is "sexy football" but in all honesty the bore the tits right off me.

I hope they get hammered today.

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I think there are two sides to it. On one side, they can be fantastic to watch, like their first goal in the Champions League this week. On the other hand though, I think a lot of people overhype what they do because they've been told that Arsenal play amazing football, which blinkers their vision.

Yeh maybe, I haven't enjoyed watching them since "The Invincibles" It might just be me, I like to see a nice passing game and good football but I like a bit of a scrap as well, a bit of drama.

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He is out yes. Still the hamstring problem.

Shocker :rolleyes:

The guy is so talented, but he seems to be made out of glass.

As I said last season a typical Fabregas season goes: Plays out his skin for a few games. Picks up an injury which causes him to miss 3-6 weeks. Deny's he wants to move to Barcelona. Repeat process several times over.

He's so frustrating.

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Don't really agree with you at all; they do play great football. Shame it hasn't got them anywhere for the last 4-5 seasons.

Pretty shocking that Wenger hasn't added the neccessary experience and a Goalkeeper after falling at the same hurdles each season.

I hope that Wengers "philosophies" pay off eventually but his stubborness and blind faith has cost them for years now.

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