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Most Over Rated Game Of The Year


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What would your choices be?

For me it's a straight fight between Heavy Rain and Red Dead Redemption.

Havey Rain was visually stunning, but the game play was quite boring and IMO the storyline never really got going liek it could have.

By the time the abducter was revealed I had all but lost interest and I actually couldn't wait to finish the game just so I didn't have to play it anymore.

As for Red Dead Redemption, I was psyched when it first came out but I lost interest in it very, very quickly.

It struck me as being a rehashed version of Grand Theft auto, only far less enjoyable. Gun that came out on PS2 was far more enjoyable than this was.

The fact that it came out in May and I still haven't bothered to finish it pretty much sums it up.

Last year the big releases were Batman: Arkham Asylum, Uncharted 2 & Modern Warfare 2 and so far there has been nothing this year that has matched them IMO.

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Red dead redemption was too easy and short. Was boring online as well.

Mw2 is a good game. Just get pissed off with having to pay for extra maps.

Hopefully Gran Turismo will be good when it eventually gets released.

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I really enjoyed Alan wake but just like heavy rain, if the storyline didnt grip you then it probably would of been crap for the user.

Another thing I think alan wake was in production for 5 years or something silly like that, so people were expecting big big things.

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agree with RDR i am like you , still not completed it . Battlefield was my game of the Year i find it MUCH better than MW2 , the other bonus is you don't have to buy maps and you don't get stupid perks that put off new users to the the online world (tu)

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Heard a few people say Alan Wake wasn't all they were hoping for, but I've yet to play it.

Can't really say I was looking forward to it that much but I bought it anyway, still not completed it, found it a bit repetitive.

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