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Ben Arfa


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Started well for Newcastle, now he's just been stretchered off with a snapped ankle, I heard the break on the tele. Tackle by De Jong, which was a fair one

Wasn't very pleasent

EDIT : Broken leg apparently, poor guy

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The replay the showed was absolutely awful. They think it's a suspected leg break rather than an ankle break. But the noise that was made when De Jong tackled him was horrendous. :anguish:

They could only show that replay aswell because the other ones were too distressing to broadcast. :(

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The amount of leg/ankle breaks so far this season is alarming. Something must be wrong with the studs/blades being used. Also I think the pitches are being watered to much, I think that contributed to the Valencia injury.

yeah ur right there as been a few and its only been a month and a bit in we have had zamora valencia and ben afra there is prob more?

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