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And another, more about him:



From the archive, first published Wednesday 8th Nov 2006.

Today marks an amazing milestone for little Josh Tippett.

When Josh was born a year ago today, he was given just hours to live.

His heart stopped as his mother went in to labour and, despite the emergency Caesarean doctors were forced to perform, he was left with 70 per cent brain damage and cerebral palsy.

Despite all the odds, Josh made a spectacular recovery, and is continuing to amaze doctors to this day.

His mum Karen, 23, said his latest trick is singing I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith, which she has taped to play to a doctor who feared the tot may never be able to talk.

She said: "It's completely mad that he keeps defying the prognosis they gave him.

"Every time we take him to the hospital, his doctor is stunned because he is doing even more.

"To look at Josh, you wouldn't know he was brain damaged except for when he puts his head back.

"He just looks like a normal baby."

Karen and Josh's dad Martin, of Park Street, Westcliff, are holding two celebrations to mark the special occasion.

On Sunday, a party was thrown for Josh, with friends and family.

Today, his birthday, he is going back to St Thomas's Hospital London, where he was born, to meet all the doctors and nurses.

The family now hopes he may be able to start walking with a frame, if a new treatment for cerebal palsy, botox, is successful.

They are optimistic because other children have enjoyed marked improvements with just one shot of the drug, which is more commonly associated with cosmetic procedures.

Meanwhile, Karen and Martin are looking forward to the birth of their second child, which is due in May.

They are also looking to add to the thousands they have already raised to help St Thomas's Hospital buy new neo-natal equipment.

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