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Xbox Controller not connecting


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My two xbox controllers havent been charging recently(i have two play and charge kits)and i figured they were on the way out, bit strange tho that both of them were going but hey ho i thought i was just unlucky.

So today i went to have a swift game of fifa and my controllers wont connect to the xbox over the wireless or when the play and charge wire is connected(both with and without the battery pack).

So i took my brothers control, turned it on and it was still synced up with his xbox. I pressed the sync button on both the controller and the xbox, all the lights on the xbox flashed up as if it had found the controller, but no lights came on to say if it was connected to player 1.

Iv tried the controllers on my bros xbox and they all work.

Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this?

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tell ye what it may be

yer router

i had this issue, was ready to bin the fuckin thing, took a swipe at ma router in anger and the thing connected !

it was the router antenna things pointing towards the xbox that was screwing me

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tried the wee shitey button at the top of the contoller? press that see what happens?

Yea did that while pressin the one on the xbox to connect the controllers. All the lights flash at the same time as it does when it connects, but then nothing happens after that.

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It sounds like the Infared beam on your Console is fucked mate, Phone G-Force in Union street, Tell them the problem and the'll sort it out :)

Yea, the infared beam was fucked, sent it to Microsoft to get fixed

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