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Rangers chants in PES2011


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Anyone played an Old Firm in PES2011 yet? If so I'm guessing you've heard the chants?

Stuck it on earlier and the first match I always play is an OF. So it starts off with the crowd noisey with me thinking it just generic chats. But then all you heard is "Glasgow Rangers Champions oh oh oh oh oh oh" followed by "we shall not be moved" followed by "We are the people!!" followed by ..........

"the famine is over, why don't you go home".......... :|

Someone's stitched up these Japs good and proper wahahahahahahahahaha.

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Yep :lol:

Got it and its a quality game but the chants were funny, playing with Rangers and all I hear is the hibs the hearts and the Celtic we shall not be moved and then Glasgow Rangers Champions oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.

Great game and was surprised by the chants.

Not heard the famine song yet but heard a good few.

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A real game, thats the way it should be. There is nothing wrong with that last chant. I never got all the embarrassing offense it caused.

Weel done Konami and well done Nips.

I await the papers turning this into a sectarian issue and slaughtering Rangers and Konami for it.

You can be sure as soon as this thread was made, Celtic minded bigots will be complaining to Konami.

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Aye, been telling all my mates about this. It's sheer brilliant, shame about how dated the formation is atm though. I mean Fleck up front?

A free update will be released for PES 2011 next week.

The download will bring player rosters up to date, add qualified teams to the UEFA Champions League Group Round and increase the number of licensed kits and boots.

It will also come with three new wallpapers available in the Extra Content folder.

Players can download the update from October 12 for all platforms.


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theres talk about how to download chants for FIFA11 in the gaming page on this forum... apparently u can add a load of chants to the game... Someone did mention they plan to expand the bigger british teams stadiums aswell.... so hopefully we get Ibrox and the PedoeDome lol

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Do you actually hear it or is it random words to the tune off those songs a wee bit like last year?

Nah ya actually hear it Eck....

However it is not the Famine guys....listen closely ;)

Me and my brother seem to think it was recorded at last years game vs Aberdeen as we think it says....

"Sheep Shagging Bastards....Why Don't You Go Home" It seems muffled a bit at that part but believe its the aberdeen game :)

Also nice reinditions of....


Glasgow Rangers Champions

and We Shall Not Be Moved....

Also it's easy to bring Jela, Weiss and Beattie into the team through the editor and also there will be DLC on Tuesday to update this stuff anyways :D

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