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McGregor Banned

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I know Diamond got booked, thus no action could be taken.

However McGregor has a case to answer, Derek Young, at the very least, has a case to answer too. He may not get found guilty, but it should of at least been thrown before the beaks.

What pisses me off though. If the ref seen that, it's no more than a booking. It goes to the video panel and it's a one game ban!

Same with diving/playacting. If the ref sees it, yellow card. If you go to a video panel it's a 2-3-4 game ban! I have never understood why the punishment for things like this is harsher on video review than if the ref dealt with it!

The ref can use that power though, if they see an incident they may choose to ignore it as they know a video panel can BAN that player for a length of time.

This is a dodgy game! And if refs have it in for a team, this is what they will do.

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Total garbage but was to be expected.

McGregor gets a retrospective red card for a petulant kick out that never connected and Black gets a yellow for chopping someone with no intent to play the ball and putting them out the game for 4 months at least.

McGregor should be docked at least 2 weeks wages for what was nothing but has now resulted in this farce.Will he ever learn.

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