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The origin of the link with Hamburg?


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Does anyone know what the background to our links with Hamburg are?

I'm aware there is a large RSC in Hamburg and the Albertz connection didn't do any harm, is there any more to it?

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Shipbuilders and merchant seamen going over in the 60s began the link. The St Pauli thing with the Tims is relatively recent. Plus Northern Germany is reformed ;)

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HSV have an affinity with Scottish Club Rangers F.C. HSV fans unfurl their club logo at Rangers away European matches. The link between Rangers FC and Hamburger SV dates back to the early seventies when the Hamburg Rangers Supporters Club was set up by Rangers FC fans who had relocated to the Hamburg area. The links were further strengthened when Rangers FC signed Jörg Albertz from Hamburger SV but this was not the start of it. A further point which reinforces the affinity is the link between FC St Pauli and Celtic FC, rivals of HSV and Rangers FC respectively


This is the story I've heard most often. I know for a fact that a good number of Brits worked in Hamburg in the 1970s. However I don't think it was huge until Albertz signed, and of course the era of cheap flights revolutionised air travel.

As AMMS points out the earls affinity with st pauli would help along with the area being dominated by the reformed churches.

Also being top Club in a port, with neighbours who are second rate and scummy would help.

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