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Whats the original song of this?


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I took a trip to Ibrox

My favourite team for to cheer

They were playing the Glasgow Celtic

On the 1st day of the year.

Now the ground was filled to capacity

As the teams came out to play,

The animals sang the soldiers song

And the people dollys brae.

Now the half time had came and went in

The Glasgow Celtic were in the lead,

Charlie Tully was running everywhere

Shakin his rosary beads

Well the green flags they were flying high

Celtics hearts they were full of pride.

But the second half sure it started well

And the Rangers they turned the tide.

Wont you play up the Glasgow Rangers,

Play up the boys in blue,

Play up the Glasgow Rangers

For were here to cheer on you.

Well the ball goes out to Waddle

And from 30 yards he did score,

Sure you coudn't hear your ears at Ibrox park

For the sash my father wore.

Oh play up the Glasgow Rangers,

Sammy Cox is on the ball,

He slips it through to Willy Woodburn

And on to Iain McCall.

Ian McCall to Billy Simpson,

Oh here come the boys in blue.

Simpson beats the Celtic center half

And in goes number 2.

Now the Rangers fans are roaring

As Geordie Young he takes a free.

Onto the head of Billy Simpson

And in goes number 3.

3:1 to the Glasgow Rangers

And that was the final score,

A happy new year at Ibrox park

For Rangers beat the Celtic once more,

A happy new year at Ibrox park

For Rangers beat the Celtic once more.


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