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Nazi chants at parkhead

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In September 1941, the S.F.A. announced that Celtic Park was to be closed until October 17th 1941 following an Old Firm game at Ibrox. Celtic fans had fought amongst themselves and with the police, threw bottles at the police and onto the trackside, displayed a German flag and indulged in pro-Nazi chants. A front-page Evening Times headline on 6th September 1941 read 6th September read:


The following day’s paper featured a letter from a member of the public who noticed the contrast in front page articles where one focussed on Russia's fight in WWII and the other on "those hooligans who bring such a disgrace to our city and our national sport."

He continued, "Here, on one side, was a country fighting so valiantly in its own towns and streets not only its own battle but ours as well, and fighting regardless of creed or anything else. On the other hand, we have citizens of this country, allied to another, fighting among themselves all over a game of football."

On the same day, Sir Patrick Dolan Lord Provost of Glasgow, said, "It is shameful that Glasgow's great contribution to the war effort should be impaired by a few hooligans who seem to be more concerned about their club winning than that Britain should defeat Hitler in the struggle for a better world."


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I never got why were the h**s for HATING the nazies. Surley they are the h**s. They supported them and the leader of there religeon was in them (more ways the one).

I was under the impression that it was because Protestantism originated in Germany and the Queen being descended from Germans. h** being a derogatory term for German and not Nazi...

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1) Which Scottish football ground was closed for a month during the 2nd World War because of the unpatriotic behaviour and pro-Nazi chants of their fans? (1)

2) Which set of football supporters chanted “Ar-gen-tina, Ar-gen-tina, Ar-gen-tina” and "Malvinas, Malvinas" during the Falklands War in expression of their support for General Galtieri’s fascist military dictatorship of Argentina in 1981/82?

3) Which set of football supporters were responsible for the single worst act of football-related racism seen in the UK, on 2nd January 1988? (2)

4) Which set of football supporters sing a song in praise of “Sean South of Garryowen”, a murdering terrorist and member of the anti-Semitic 'Maria Duce'?

5) Which set of football supporters racially abused their own players Ian Wright and Regi Blinker in the Club car park after being beaten at home by Inverness Caley Thistle? (3)

6) Which set of football supporters sing in praise of a former Hitler Youth member?

7) Which set of football supporters regularly sings the praises of a Nazi-collaborating terrorist organisation and a Nazi collaborating religious sect?

8) Supporters of which club were arrested at Preston Railway station for assault and racial abuse? (4)

9) Supporters of which club were banned from Parkhead on 19th September 2003 after making Nazi salutes during a game against Bayern Munich? (5)

10) Supporters of which club racially abused and brutally stabbed and slashed two Asian men at Glasgow Cross in September 2007? (6)

CLUE: they dont wear blue

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