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Holloway 4 Rangers ! ! !


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Just watchin the blackpool game n thinkin how good a manager he could be 4 us 1 day !

His attitude is spot on n gets the best outa players.

Would probably never happen, but just a thought !

he wouldnt handle the pressure and more so the press up here, no thanks

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mind u a was jus rememberin he nearly walked out on blackpool at the start of the season cos ae that situation way the chairman. so u could be right!

thats what i was thinking of, i remember it and to do that he would be no quite the done thing

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Charlie Adam running the show v City, not good enough to play against the dross of the SPL though :craphead:

he couldn't do it with rangers why the fuck can people not get that in there heads. he was pish. he was good for st mirren another team where there was no pressure on him, now he's playing good for blackpool another team who he has no pressure with.

plus he is still slow and losses the ball to easy,nothing has changed really. he scores pens and the odd free kick,he did that with us aswell.


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