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Need more money on fifa?


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Well sell your players.... kiddin :craphead:

Right make sure you have a player out on loan.

Go to budget ajustment and make it so you have no money left for transfers.

End the players loan contract, it will say you need to pay money to get him back so say yes.

Then advance to the next day/days.

Go back into the budget ajustment and bobs your uncle £2,000,000,000+

You will not be able to buy the top players 1st season because they all want to be in europe, but you will get some really good players that will come just for the money.

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How do you cancel a contract ( loan players )?

go to 'sell players' pick the wee guy u loaded out and end it :D

No working for me :lol:

Lol its easy peasy :O loan a player out go to budget allocation put it all on the wages press X then go get ur wee guy back from were u loaned him then advance then ul be loaded lol

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