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from gersnet the q&a from the agm

Q-why did McCulloch play against Spain? A-W Smith had words!! He thanks all for the tributes. Proudest moment being named Rangers manager.

Q-too many organisations in Scottish football A-ludicrous no Rangers or Celtic rep on SFA board. Need change to increase competitiveness

Q-what's the position with Kenny Miller A-club want him to stay. Made 2 offers but rejected. Hopeful for agreement.

Q-urges club to honour Ibrox Disaster with minutes silence annually A-John Greig & Billy McNeill will lead teams out. Board will consider

Q-whats latest with JJB problems? A-right deal due to current climate. JJB has been in turmoil and havent fulfilled increasing product range

Q-lowest ratio of wheelchair space per capacity in Scotland A-have improved facilities but still not good enough & MB apologises

Q-could we put banners up where large screens are Q-£16k to remove screens & MB will take on board

Q-what's in place for Man Utd fans coming to Glasgow following trouble in 2003 A-MB says collection point and MU putting procedures in place

Q-there should be a campaign to get W Smith knighted A- JMc says we have to call him Sir anyway!

Q-why do media outlets get free reign on club A-MB says support is something to be proud of. Media never highlight good behaviour.

A-meeting SFA later this week knelt quiet as didn't want to undermine Scotland. New CEO will address

Q-are club going to be more proactive with SFA after recent events A-club angry with McGregor ban. 11 days to be informed unnacceptable.

Q-what's the latest with Kerka (sp) signing A-told he was free to join us but difficulty getting confirmation. Resolution in next 1-2 days.

Q-ask JMc if the morning is now dawning for the club A-confident going forward with long way to go but many challenges en route

Q-are we liable to any other debt to the Murray Group A-DM states no. We are an independent plc.

Q-will we have the poppy on the teams shirt? A-club committed to supporting armed services. Eg. True Colours Yes it will be on strips.

Q-why does it cost money to phone ticket office and why do we pay booking fees A-industry practice is buying tickets commands a booking fee

Also the tax issue will be dealt with by the authorities in the "coming weeks"

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