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It's 1-1, last minute of injury time at the piggery...


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Guest SandyIniesta-Nordahl

Run to my fellow players to avoid getting booked. The card you've avoided can be used to chop someone when they kick off.

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Rip out the corner flag aim it towards Lennon's head like a javelin.. aim and fire and hope it gores him straight between the eyes. then dance around his body like this :party: :party: :party: :party:

Run to the other 3 corner flags and do the same to Brown, Hooper and Stokes, twat all the security :5536: and make a run for it :beer1:

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run past the celtic fans with my hands up to my hears, then run to our great fans to celebrate.

this (tu)

run behind the goals past the tims giving it the old "cant hear you" and "shhhh" pver to the away end right over the barriers and into the gers fans! :D

only if the rest of the team didnt catch me first and pile on like edu :uk:

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