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This is the biggest game in the world


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Two 'titans' clash.

But only one can claim respect on the ultimate stage. The Champions League; As much as UEFA try to marginalize 'small' countries, The Rangers are defying the odds. Scotland's football respect has grown over the last 2 weeks because of the work ethic, commitment, and professionalism by The Rangers players.

Not to mention -- ex Rangers players.

But this match, this weekend, is the biggest match on the planet. Not the EPL, La Liga, Serie A... any Brazilian league, this is the ONE. This is the match.

Two sides, unbeaten, untied. Something has to give? I submit to you, my fellow Bears, that we will not submit, we will not surrender, we will prevail. We will win..

Walter wants this perhaps more than any other. Super wants it. The players want it. Remember; Our side is constructed out of Rangers supporting players.

They have? Maloney?

Geez peace. WATP -- for a reason.

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