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***The Official bheggars v The Champions Thread***

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Muff starts crying if someone else starts it.

Let's get McCulloch and Edu stuck in on Ledley from the first minute, get Weir to give Hooper a sneaky elbow in the face and get Miller down the side of that big baldy cunt! It's time to put these bas

I feel sick. Shite morning at the football getting sent off, and had a difficult week. Rangers - please, come on. Let's get to 90 minutes and laugh at them. Scum. They are fucking scum. Follow Follow.

It was coming, absolutely shocking, unmarked, 3 yards out, we should have took our chances early doors, weve wasted a few good chances.

What are you made of Walter?

What makes it worse is this Celtic mob are rotten, absolutely f*ckin rotten!

Get Lee off, get Davis'chin up, Wiess on, and go for them second half, we can still win it, they have nothing!

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Why the fuck are we reverting to sitting deep and hoofing it when the exact opposite has given us our perfect start to the season? Their midfield and defence is weak, play the fucking ball down and run at them. We've completely changed our style to suit them and surprise, surprise we're on the back foot and losing.

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