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***The Official bheggars v The Champions Thread***

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Muff starts crying if someone else starts it.

Let's get McCulloch and Edu stuck in on Ledley from the first minute, get Weir to give Hooper a sneaky elbow in the face and get Miller down the side of that big baldy cunt! It's time to put these bas

I feel sick. Shite morning at the football getting sent off, and had a difficult week. Rangers - please, come on. Let's get to 90 minutes and laugh at them. Scum. They are fucking scum. Follow Follow.

Just woke up checked the score on bbc website.

1 nil down eh?

Absolutely fkn brilliant. :).

Arise Sir Walter of Smithdom

So can anyone summarize the game...plz..

1st half pretty shit. Then they scored.

2nd half we scored, scored and scored again.

Not a classic but a deserved victory

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