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The Big Jock Nou Camp...


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... the Paddy Shack, the Paedodome or whatever you want to call Celtic Park. Does anyone else feel a deep sense of depression when they're there?

If it wasn't for the Rangers being there every time I've been inside the place, I'd probably have tanned my wrists by now.

The walk to the stadium is horrble with random steel cages blocking roads, the wee school in front of our end looks like something from a horror film, we que to get inside in a wee area whch can only be described as a pen with another steel wall seperating us from them. Then, inside you've got nothing but concrete (Floor, walls and ceiling) with a thick, minging line of green paint on the wall.

I read someone posting "a great, sunny day" in the three-three game thread at Parkhead and my first thought was - The sun only highlights how much of a shite hole it is.

Maybe it's just me, but I'll walk out of the concourse tomorrow and into the stadium thinking; "Thank fuck you'se are here, boys" when I see the Rangers training.

Let's get right in about these bastards tomorrow. Every ball must be fought for, make it our's and hit them hard. We Are The People.

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