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Paul Merson


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This cunt really does my head in. He thinks anyone other than Manchester United, Chelsea, or Arsenal are at best pish.

He can never say any players name right (he could'nt say Zigic today)

He slags off everyone right left and centre, this is the guy who left Arsenal to sign for Middlesbrough in div 1 co they offered in ten grand a week more even though Arsenal wanted to keep him.

I thought Charlie Nich was thick. But Merson makes him look like Prof Stephen Hawking.

Merson was a great player but he's not even a mediocre pundit and by far the weak link on soccer saturday

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Too true Shearer is an empty headed bastard, Hansen carries him through MOD. Merson is a negative wanker a real doom & gloom merchant. Too many chemicals down the years. :wanker:

I know. If he's like that now when he's off the gear imagine him on a come down back in the 90's!

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Must be a Scottish thing cos everyone thinks he's hilarious and a legend.

Tend to find stuff like getting players names wrong etc as funny rather than cringeworthy and think the banter on SS is pretty decent. Much better to watch than if it was four really serious characters...

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