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Anyone else not feel confident about tomorrow?

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Im not saying we are going to lose its just I can't really feel confident as celtic have a whole new team and in a way so do we with the likes of naismith stepping up his game also with weiss we are a completly different team. So im not confident as I dont think you can judge how good we are opposed to last season when celtic were shite.

Anyway Celtic 0-3 Rangers :uk::P

You are not so confident but you say Celtic 0 - 3 Rangers..

What are your predictions like when you are super confident..? lol :21:

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I'm not optimistic or pessimistic.

Old Firm games, form goes out the window.

I've seen too many times us on form and Celtic beating us (home and away), us getting a draw at Celtic Park and claiming it a moral victory and us being favourites going to Celtic Park, getting battered and sneaking a win.

I feel the same as I do before every Old Firm.

When I was a kid and first started going to the Piggery, sometimes you were coming away feeling a little frustrated you only beat them 1-0. That's how lucky we were and how shite they were :crabflute:

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I am always shitting it before a match at the hole. This time, however, I am extremely confident of giving them a sore one. I think it might be down to the fact that at times in the last 5 games or so we have played some incredible stuff.

As long as we don't fall out the blocks and give them a 1 or 2 goal start, I think we will win by 2 or 3. I've been wrong before though!

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