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to all the timmy lurkers

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please note that broadfoots feet are still both on the ground as the ref is watching on, also note that the big lump of wood in the hooped strip has his leg in front of broadfoot and his hands all over him too


here we see the actual foul, boradfoot has attempted to go past said baldy bastard, only to be impeded by not only baldy's big club leg, but by his hands as well, the look on baldy's face says it all

note collum still has both eyes on the ball


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Why would he dive if he was still in contention to win the ball that he just put past that big baldy cunt? Blaming Willie Collum because it hit him? The ball never changed direction when it hit him so there is no fucking excuse timmy! GET IT UP YE YA BUNCH AE FENIAN BASTARDS!!! WE ARE THE PEOPLE! :uk: :uk: :uk:

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