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Gear of War 2


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This is the only game I play really,is nobody else a fan?

It is 31x XP this weekend starting at 2pm tomorrow,bring on the chainsaw massacre.

Been on it a few times the last couple of days, enjoyed it a bit.

Will defo be hitting up the 31x XP. (tu)

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Gears of War 2 was a disaster but Gears of War 1 was a fucking brilliant game!!

i agree with this, i went on it the other day and waited for ten minutes trying to get into a game,

eventually gave up.

the match making in it is one big fuck up,

played the first one to death.

hopefully gears 3 will be nice, quick and simple like the first one!

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Aye the matchmaking is shit,gears 3 will be dedicated servers instead of player hosted so that should be fixed.

It also depends what game type you play,I find it easier to find a wingman,execution or annex.

I only played Warzone for ages but eventually i moved over into Execution which i thought was better but it was a cunt if people just let you get back up and they no scoped ye cunts!!!

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