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***The Official Valencia CF vs. Rangers Thread***

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On a lighter note do you think GOAT will start a thread asking where the fuck the Valencia fans were and why they didn't turn up in numbers.

I'm putting my riot gear on.

mon the gets

Our team's gone off the boil, Saturday was the warning

What worried me was Walter saying we starte dthe game well on Saturday, no we didnt, not even close. Weve been scraping by remember, coming from behind so many times. Small squad is no excuse, we have enough to change it.

Miller is not and never will be a 1 man strike force. He cannot play up front alone.

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Worst part about it was it wasn't even a sucker punch. We haven't had a single bit of sustained pressure all game, that's what annoys me most

You're spot on - there has been no passion or drive tonight. Huge, huge disappointment and there can be no excuse for that kind of lackadaisical approach. Broadfoot has been rank rotten all game long and should have been subbed at HT. No subs 'till it's far too late - same old song and dance that never changes. If players are tired, fucking sub them - they can't do worse than some on show!

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Stop complaining about changes ffs.

All he has got is Lafferty to change and its a pointless change.

Its to do with the players ability to pass a ball or even have decent movement.

You cant keep possession then this is what happens to you.

We've got to at least try mate. It's just not worked so far.

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