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A win tomorrow and we are back where we belong.

Come 12pm tomorrow, all our player's better be up for the task in hand - that is to get out there, put in a performance and come away with the win. Doesn't matter how it's done, doesn't matter how many goals are scored, just as long as we bounce back from two dissappointing results and pick up the three points.

It won't be an easy game, I'm sure the majority associated with Rangers in some way will agree and understand, we can't just turn up and expect to walk away with three points. We will have to be switched on from the first to last whislte, put in a performance, set the tone, not allow St. Mirren too much time or space on the ball, we cannot show them too much respect. We have to cut out the slackness and basic error's, take our chances, and finish them off...

League's aren't won in November, but it's games like tomorrow that go a long way in deciding where the title end's up at. Doesn't matter what other's around us do, we have to focus on one thing, and one thing only, and that's what we do - no-one else matter's.

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I just hope we see some enthusiasm in the team tomorrow. The last few games, as was shown against Inverness, has seen play at pedestrian pace without any real urge to go on and score. Without wanting to turn this into the match thread, I don't want Edu and McCulloch together tomorrow. We need something that can spark us into life again. The pressure is back on us, mess things up tomorrow and we have made things so much more difficult for ourselves. I don't want another lacklustre performance.

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Couldn't agree more with the OP. (tu)

We need to get a win to start a new run. The 'stagnation' Walter often talks about isn't here yet (imho), but the best way to fend it off is win. And win by playing in a fashion that says "We are The Rangers!".

We need to get in about them from the off, go for the jugular and AFTER we score, don't sit back. Go for the second then the third. We need to get back to destroying the opposition.

Of course, 3 points is welcome. It always is. But we also need to have the right mentality that will serve us throughout the season.

watp. (tu)

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I'll be real pissed off if I have to sit up to some ungodly hour in the morning to watch us struggle against a team like St. Mirren.

I agree with Muff that we have to go at them from the first whistle and play the game at our tempo, not theirs.

We also need players who are 100% fit, so if Edu or McCulloch has to be dropped to the bench, that's fine by me, as there is no reason at all to play two holding midfield men against a team like St Mirren, away game or no away game.

Yesterdays farce across the city has no bearing on how we approach this game, so let's go out with a positive attitude and worry about what we do...not what other teams do where we have no control over the scoreline.

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