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McGregor 7 - Didn't have much to do, unlucky with penalty.

Whittaker 5 - Average, done OK in terms of defending.

Bougherra 6 - Not outstanding but done his job, no idea what he was doing when he smashed the ball against the post :lol:

Weir 6 - Some great challenges. A few shakey moments when he swiped at the ball and missed it but no real concerns.

Papac 7 - Thought he was great defensively today.

Davis 7 - Very unlucky to hit the crossbar in the first half, knows how to split defences apart.

Edu 6 - Much better performance today. Done the unnoticed work efficiently.

McCulloch 6 - Same as Edu.

Weiss 5 - Some decent runs but never showed us what he is really capable of doing.

Miller 7 - Capitalized on a defensive mistake to score his 14th SPL goal and put us 3-0 up.

Naismith 7 - Had a perfectly good goal chopped off and scored a tap-in to put us 2-0 up.


Lafferty 7 - Gave us much needed energy. Made some great runs and set up Naismith well.

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