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Andy Carroll

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Serious question here.

I seen that a rag or two are starting to tediously link Carroll with a move to Chelsea, but does anybody else think he could actually be the perfect replacement for Drogba when his time is up?

He's scoring at a consistant rate for a medium to average side, he's a towering physical presence, he works hard & he's deceptivly quick too.

People have mentioned guys like Lakaku & Dzeko as possible replacements, but surely a young, English, proven Premier League striker would be the best man for the job?

Yes he has some off the field issues, but plenty of other English players did at the same age.

I think it could be a goer.

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He's a fenian wife-beating prick. All he is to me :)


Also don't understand all the hype surrounding him. He's a decent young player, but he's not the next Rooney, he's not the next Drogba... he's English, so obviously the English media are going to hype him up. Think he's quite popular on here so I'm off to find my tin hat :lol:

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