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were up to our knees in fenian bloo


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Give it a fucking rest. There is absolutely no fucking I will be making fun of that banner in any way. It is beyond making fun of. The issue is not something we can poke fun at.

you must be a great laugh on a night out.

lighten up a touch.

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Aye, no bad. A tim mate, says they left the 'd' intentionally. aye, that will be right, jog on brendan !

Saw a bit at the end of the metro article, they wouldn't apologise for the banner, but apologised for the spelling mistake, fuckin diddys!

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You want me to lighten up and trivialise their banner? No fucking chance.

letting them all know we think they are tards isnt trivialising anything.

imagine it.

2nd jan


half time

3 - 0 rangers

the players are coming out the papists are belting out youll never walk alone just before leaving early

the bears all 43k of us launch int it

hello hello we are the billy boys

hello hello youll know us by our noise

were up to out knees in fenian bloooooooooooooooooooooo(hold for 30 seconds with volume steadily rising)

for we are the brigton billy boys

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