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No Plan B

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How long has Smith been in the management game now? 15 years at least as manager, another few as assistant, with a stint beside arguably the greatest manager to come out of british football (SAF)

And yet he still has no plan B when things go tits up.

I can honestly picture the dressing room before the game.....

"RIGHT, lads, heres the deal, we play our usual, sit deep and allow the opponents to camp in our half, win the ball in the middle of the park or deal with the crossballs coming in, give it to either davis, naismith or lump it in behind for Kenny here. Got it??????"

"Aye boss, but what if something goes wrong"

"We change nothing, continue as planned, our effort and desire will wear them down"

Problem is, teams like playing against us, its akin to a cup final for them, the chance to shine against the champions and make a name for yourself, sooner or later we will come up against a team that wont make a mistake and will punish us.


We didnt learn from ICT at Ibrox, hell we didnt learn from the tims game when after hitting the post in the first few minutes, we allow them to settle and creep into our half,

So the big question is, will we ever learn, will we ever come up with a gameplan that surprises the opponents, if not, will we ever see Smith and co turn to a plan B

This season is going to be a long and demanding season, and already it seems that some teams have figured us out.

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Walter has just accepted that he may have been asking too much of the players and perhaps he should have changed things round, he stands up to his mistakes, unlike others,and I'm sure he'll try and rectify them.

He usually admits his mistakes but rarely if ever tries to rectify them.We may see a couple of changes through injury otherwise it will always be the same untouchables.

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we dont press teams high up the pitch because the defence sits too deep, to protect big davie from being caught out for pace .this means our two c/ms have an extra 20 yards to cover and also opposing players more space to drift into. all good teams press up the field and dominate, we charge back to our 18yard line and hope for the best

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