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Not sure what to make of tonight.


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It's a tough one, we came out and looked like we were hungry. So far this season whenever we have gone a goal, or two behind it's been due to a slow start, but this time I think our team was completely shocked at that first goal going in. It certainly shocked me, and I really don't think we ever got over it.

I know our defence was shite, and I know Edu and McCulloch in the middle is a terrible partnership, but after 5 minutes I thought we were in for an easy win. We looked threatening and looked like it was only a matter of time before we would score. But that goal out of nowere completely humped us, whenever we've lost a goal this season our team has known it's coming, which imo makes it easier to come back from and get yourself in the right mental mind. But when you lose a goal against the run of play we just are not used to it.

Once the second went in there was only going to be a certain period were we could of clawed the game back, which was right after half-time. If we had got a goal then we would of got something from tonight, the crowd were singing and getting behind the team but luck was against us tonight, and as soon as it went 70 minutes we all knew it was never happening.

It's always a kick in the balls to lose a game like that, but we can only get behind the team. Lets hope we see a few changes on Saturday and put the sheep to the sword, that game is in the past now. There is no point focusing on failure and what could of been.

There's no hiding places at Rangers, so lets get right into this Sheep mob !

WATP (tu)

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