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11 November 2010

We Must Be Fresh And Focused

There is no getting away from the disappointment we all share after last night's defeat by Hibs but we must regroup quickly and be ready for Aberdeen on Saturday.

Of course it was a major blow to lose at home in the manner that we did. We started well enough but Hibs set their team out very well and made it awkward.

They used their extra man in midfield very well and got two goals from distance while we didn't do terribly well ourselves.

We've got no complaints. Hibs worked very hard for their win and from our own point of view, we never really dominated in the manner we are expected to at home.

Our schedule might be a factor. I'm looking around and also at myself at the moment and I should maybe change the team a little bit more than I have been.

We've been asking an awful lot of our boys and it shows when teams set out their stall well and defend well.

At the present moment, we've not really got the required sharpness to overcome that and we've seen that in the last couple of home games we have had.

We need to look at that and take everything into account. It's disappointing because we don't lose that often at home.

We are still top of the league as a result of Celtic losing to Hearts but its no consolation, none at all. We don't like losing games.

Now we look ahead to the Aberdeen game. We've got a couple of days to recover and take stock of what we are doing and we'll move on from there.

I have to look at the pressure I am placing players under to play on occasions and we really have to look at that situation.

Walter Smith


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