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Guy at my door claims he's Craig Cream (nearly Whyte)


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....says he's Craig Cream (he's nearly Whyte) and he's heard that I post on RM.

He's asked me to make the following exclusive statement on his behalf.

To Whom It May Concern:

I wish to make it clear that I have not nor will not admit or deny anything in connection with, or not connected to, my takeover of, or not, of Rangers Football Club (or any other club) and furthermore, I wish to make it clear that the stories reported in today's newspapers are completely and utterly without any shred of evidence or input from me, a load of made-up bollox. I have had no discussions with Sir David Vineyard, or any of his bald representatives, and anyone who says they saw me coming out of Minty mansions last week is a liar. I was merely lost on my way home to my castle.

I have not, nor do not intend to, sleep with anyone at the RST.

I hope this clears up the dreadful mixup the newspapers and websites have got into over the last 24-hours.

Yours in truth,

Craig Cream (nearly Whyte).

He's left now. :blush:

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You on something? looks like something the other side would post..or perhaps I just don't get it <cr>

Yeah - I am on something. Cynical tablets.

We've been here before with all this white night takeover nonsense.

Until the day and hour Murray leaves the building for good I'll keep taking these tablets.

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Aw so because you think it's shite you post it on here,and then depress everyone else in thinking it's another made up story.?

Rangers have confirmed they are in talks with this guy so there is something in it. I'm not getting to excited as we have heard this kind of stuff before,but That the 1st time we heard Ellis was wanting to buy us, we knew he was dodge as he was in property and probably just wanted to sell ibrox or murray park and do fuck all else. But this guy A is Rangers fans and alot richer than Ellis.

And Murray said he would only sell to someone That has the best interest's for us.

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