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Did Dr. Sex-Pest Death chuck it?

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Reid shouldered the blame for the appointment of Mowbray, the former Celtic defender who was previously with West Brom and has recently taken charge of Middlesbrough.

"We got off to a false start under Mowbray," he said. "But we managed to avoid some of the catastrophic financial failures that others fell into.

"Tony Mowbray's appointment was a mistake and I ultimately take responsibility for that."

Sounds like another dig at us :lol:

Bitter wee pape :craphead:

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Awe this is good....... snippets from the Vermins AGM.

Reid. "Lennons wins last season brought back the DIGNITY to Vermin Fc" <cr> Ross County.

Reid. "Lennon has confounded his critics and we thank him for giving us hope" :rolleyes: No CL football but plenty of hope.

Reid. "I am more and more convinced that Lennon will be a great Vermin manager" :craphead: Aye great for The Rangers ya dick.

Liewell. "We hope that the pressure we have correctly put on the SFA will pay dividend" :angry: So they admit they are pressurising the officials to gain the upper hand. Class.

Lieweel. " The fans have re-connected with Neil Lemmons Vermin team" :blush: Most of them I know hate the wee pwick, and state how he`s an embaressment.

I could go on and on and on, but I dont need to a sham of a club for a shameful support.

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