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Takeover Talking Points


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Following on from an earlier post i made, i wondered what talking points the proposed sale of the club will raise:

  • The takeover
  • The man behind the takeover
  • The man behind the man
  • SDM
  • Should SDM receive anything for the club
  • Money for buying players
  • New manager
  • Attitude with the media
  • New Screen
  • Get rid of the screens
  • New catering

I am sure there will be other topics you think will be raised .. let's hear them ??

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IS Ellis involved?

How much money will be made available to the management team? How will the debt be handled? Will the Odious Creep be banned from ibrox?

Is it even worth talking about? Its a bit early to even bother, chances are its no even gonae happen.

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I think the main talking points will be financial ie the debt and how its structured. Also im sure he would like to know about the up and coming tax case as that could change the deal completely so I highly doubt he will place an official offer before that hapens or at least any half decent business man worth his salt wouldnt. I dont think catering and the screens will come into it much at all but i do think things like players contracts will and things like murray park because i heard that murray actually owned it and not rangers.

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Can you back that claim up?

Personally I've never heard that mentioned and it seems a pretty big talking point to me.

i can tell you darell king told me.

about 3-4 years ago perhaps longer now.

as for back it up. i certainly dont have tapes of sdm saying it.

youll need to believe it or not. i believe it myself.

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Murray park is listed as an asset of Rangers on its accounts therefore the CLUB own it ... Not SDM.

When the club is sold, its assets will be sold with it ... Including Murray park.

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