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iphone 3gs


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my wee brother previously had a iphone 3gs on contract with O2

recently he upgraded and now has a blackberry

hes gave the phone to me but it didnt work with my orange sim, so ive ended up changing network to O2 asit works out cheaper anyway

i put my sim into the 3gs but it continually says "searching" or else "no sim", initially i put it down to the sim not being activated however ive tried it in my ancient iphone 2g and its working without a problem

any ideas why it wont work on the 3gs? its a 3g sim so thats not that

my brothers phoned O2 and theyve said they cant help as its either an 02 lock or a phone lock, but that means hee haw to me

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If the handset originates on O2 you will need to get them to unlock it, it can cost £15+

Once they have contacted apple for to unlock it(can take a week in extreme cases), you just hook it up to iTunes and thats it.

Its not unlocked like a normal phone where they just give you the code and you do it yourself.

The other option is jailbreaking it, google jailbreak iPhone and you will find hundreds of ways to do it.

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Just jailbreak it, new hacks coming this weekend (hopefully thanksgiven holding it up)

Watch this site for unlocks http://www.iclarified.com/entries/index.php?caid=1&scid=25

Should be easy to do and when you have install installous http://www.ehow.com/how_5733741_install-installous-iphone_itouch.html you get all the new apps or old ones free all you do is click download and wait free apps .

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