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First fitba top you ever had a name on?

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The first shirt I got printed was 96/97 home, gascoigne 8

But the first strip I had with a name on it was an AC Milan top with papin 11 on it, possibly 1991/92,my dad got me it when we were in holiday

Loved that milan shirt, motta was the sponsor.

Back then there was only one club in Europe that everyone wanted to buy their shirt and it was AC

Fantastic team in that era

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I had Caniggia 7 on the back on the NTL one Jamie posted earlier in the thread. I get names on the back of all my Rangers tops. The lucky players this season are Edu, Papac and Jelavic (despite them all being injured)

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A fake PSG top I got on holiday back in 1993 with Rai on the back and this, although can't remember the year?


Not a fan of tops with names on them, especially on older people.

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First top I had with a name and number was a Liverpool top with 'Fowler 23' on it. I fucking loved Fowler!!

Some bastard stole it out my car a few weeks after I got it!! :@

Me too, I still love him! My first Liverpool top was the "ecru" away from 96/97, I thought it was the lovliest top ever, looking back now its pretty rank.

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