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We are the People


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if we dont stand up what will be next

"its sectarian to wear a ranger shirt??"

Really getting a joke. Shouldnt sing the billy boys, f the pope etc, fair enough but FFS you cant do anything now without it being labelled sectarian. Jeez if you even wear something orange its sectarian, its a bloody colour FFS, we can wear what we want. They can all GTF

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The propoganda machine in motion.

This is one battle they will lose as once again they try to make something that it is not.

Like the red hand.

I'm not arguing for or against the red hand, just saying they tried to get it banned and it didn't work

as a reasonable explaintion was given.

So now the real idiots are going at this "we are the people". It's bigoted, it's sectarian, it's a masonic thing,

it's...........something we don't understand so we don't like it.

Tough. :)

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One nutter also said that it was anti-Christian and that ALL Rangers fans were supposed to be "good Christians". What the hell are these people talking about?

It is these kind of cretins that this country could do without. Everything they see has a hidden agenda somewhere. As far as they are concerned we can no longer shout We Are The People, do the Bouncy, wave the Union Flag (the flag of our nation, not some foreign one) or sing Rule Brittania as all are bigotted and racist. When you look at it l;ike that you wonder how they have escaped the loony bin.

We Are The People as we are the best team in the land, the best supporters in the world and nothing and nobody can take that away from us. Try as they might.

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