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It blows down the glen with a rawness and power which has no need for subterfuge or hidden agendas. Its power alone is sufficient to shape nations. That same wind blows through our cities, the tenements built in red brick still stand as testament, standing proudly before the now ailing concrete structures built in the period from 1950 – 1970. Anniesland serves as a perfect testament to such truth. That forged by nature seems to have an honesty and longevity which man has yet to match.

That same wind has shaped the character of our country. Stoic mountains with their igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks hewed and forged over thousands of years, draw visitors from all over the world, their beauty is their raw and honest appeal. Dark and forbidding, they have a character which is resolute and steadfast.

There is truth to the character of our land, it has been forged over centuries, there is no need for flamboyance, the raw power of nature directed by the hand of the Maker, is a beauty in itself.

This is our land.

And our people reflect it. Forged through the ages. Galvinised by reformers such as Knox, we have produced a people who have gained the respect of the world. Any small wonder that countries such as Canada, the United States attribute much of their formation to the guiding hands of those Scots pioneers who ventured to their shores.

It has produced a people who are steadfast, loyal and true. Not flamboyant, given to changing fashions, but reliable, enduring and stoic in nature.

It should come therefore as no surprise that when that wind of truth blew some young men down her waters from the Gareloch to the shores of Glasgow, that the beginning of something special was about to be born. Guided by that same spirit of honesty, integrity, honour, those young men gave birth to a legend. It was a legend which captured a people forged by that same wind. Raw, stoic, steadfast and loyal.

This is the Rangers, forged from our land, for our people.

And the people embraced her. And she became our standard. The character and religion of a nation became intertwined with a football club.

No small miracle.

Yes its raw, yes its uncompromising but its also raw in its truth, honest in its integrity, uncompromising in its criticisim. And those who are compromised would have a hard job defending themselves against a wind which is raw and simply exposes us to truth.

Many shelters have been built in years gone by to reduce the power of that wind of change, That wind which is raw, unforgiving and which speaks of truth. Like the man made structures in Anniesland, they have short shrift in the face of the Maker’s direction of nature. Recent events should remind us that wind still blows with a rawness seeking out truth and which only a righteousness man can stand against.

This is our land.

Isn’t about time we reclaimed it ?

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Incredible post D'Art. (tu)

Can I recommend a book called "How the Scots Invented the Modern World: The True Story of How Western Europe's Poorest Nation Created Our World and Everything in It"

It's on Amazon. Simply amazing. It should be a 'must read' for all.

Link is here

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Merry fucking Christmas D'Art, one day I wish to be able to convey such emotion through the written word.

Mate, to be fair, you have. (tu)

Edit: You have written many articles on here that bleed passion. D'Artignan of course is the standard bearer of sorts. But do not sell yourself 'short'.

I love this site for the articulate articles by D'Art, and your good self. The banter is terrific. Rabbit... I will never, ever read a better summation of the match than I read from you.


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