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Gaming for 2011

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Too many springs to mind if they make their release dates!

Mass Effect 2 (for PS3 as not released yet :P ) and ME3 if on PS3 this year, Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Dead Space 2, Dragon Age 2, Trinity Souls of Zill, and possibly the next Final Fantasy game. There are other which will probably spring to mind over the year but all I know is I'm probably going to be skint with buying games.

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Im liking the look of the 3DS, but ive just seen the price in the UK, £229 ($350) compared to the U.S, $249.99. Its a fucking joke that we have to pay that much more. Im going to America in April so i was goin to buy 1 then, but ive just read that the 3DS could be region locked.

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Never heard of it before, but just seen a trailer for "Breach" on Xbox live and it looks immense.

If Battlefront 3 is out too then will give that a look. Just want a decent online 1st person shooter as I get bored with COD after about a week of playing it, cant understand all the hype.

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