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If you could say one thing to Lennon prior to the match, what would it be?

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"You're a filthy cunt. I fucking despise you. There's people in your own fucking support that hate you. You are one the most unprofessional, undignified and unimportant persons ever to have the fortune to be involved in football on a professional stage. I do not wish death on you, nor would I on anyone; however you're making yourself a very easy target in the environment that surrounds you today. There are idiots out there who would kill you simply for the colours you wear on a Saturday afternoon - but you only give them more reason. Previous Celtic managers of the past had dignity and respect for the other teams in the league, but you do not. You are nothing but a paranoid, hateful, disgusting, malicious, horrible little man. The players that you signed for millions are on that pitch today. They are the same players that have not been winning games and have been subject to abuse by their own fans, and for good reason. Yet you continue to fuel the conspiracies and encourage scum to ruin the Scottish game further and further beyond all means of repair. YOU are part of the problem. You cannot challenge every single decision that goes against you, you fucking cunt. Grow up. Will you be able to come to the end of your "management career" and be glad of how you conducted yourself? I don't think you will. Well, that took me a while and by the way Neil, during that time Celtic have lost 3 goals. FUCK YOU."

Or, "You're pure shite."

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