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5 hours ago, CR3 said:


Looks like some WWE shite. Jake Paul is trying to be the biggest cock he can be to be relevant. It's working because most of the fighting world wants to cave his head in. 

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Was at Wembley last night and what a fucking atmosphere it was! Can’t remember much of the fight but a great night! As for AJ I hate how we love to do our sportsman down in this country. Any othe

Refreshing that two boxers just got into the ring and slugged it out without the false hype beforehand and sold a great fight on it's merits.

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3 hours ago, the goal machine said:

Canelo will win comfortably I reckon. Don’t think BJS has the power to back him up and Canelo has an outrageous chin and will be able to walk him down.

I reckon BJS will win the first few rounds, tire and then Canelo will start to catch him. BJS just doesn't have the power to earn Canelo's respect. 

I really hope BJS can do it, it'll be a herculean effort. 

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