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"If you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best" Occupation: Full Time Mummy. Education: The University of Life.

your a wee virgin living out some fantasy out on this thread

Just aswell youve seen her on cam, thought profiles like that would have been mad creeps pretending to be someone else! Seems like she is just a proper durty!

That bird Harry posted is one of them that ends up being an escort or wants to link you too other sites, seen it all too often! You think your in the next minute its £19.99 to see her nipple

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Previous experiences?

Just how it goes mate. Alot of they sites are like that. Never really used them for anything other than a noise up but thats what they end up doing to you. You can tell by looking at her shes one like that. Couple a kidney digs tho and take your money back off her

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Signed up here last week for a laugh and somehow have lined me up a date on Saturday.

Most of the lassies on it seem quite keen for their nat king, so all going well I shall be firing it into her soon. Wee dirty.

Random a know but am high on painkillers.

Make sure you wear a coat

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