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***The Official Champions vs Motherwell Thread***


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Can't wait to get back in action again, the old firm game feels like it was weeks ago. Hopefully the team put the poor performance/result from the weekend in the past and give us a proper performance here. The players need to be up for the title fight but so do the fans, and I feel at the moment a lot of the fans aren't, they are becoming disillusioned and getting on the players backs. So 3 points and a good performance are a must here, to get the focus back on what is important, retaining OUR league title, and away from all the b/s of the past few days.

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:whittaker: :bougherra: :weir: :papac:

:davis: :edu: :ness: :diouf:

:Naismith: :jelavic:

This will likely be the team walter will pick

but i would like


:bartley: :bougherra: :weir: :papac:

:weiss: :davis: :ness: :Naismith:

:diouf: :jelavic:

or even give Healy a go i don't care just i want a good solid performance with a 3 or 4 goals.

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Would question Weiss , put Whittaker into the midfield..play Cole right back

Weiss is a right winger. It's about time he was given a proper shot in that position. If only he was one of the manager's favourites!

You just wouldn't play Whittaker in midfield - he's shit in there as well.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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