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If GSP really wants a legacy, he needs to grow a pair and move up to fight Anderson. At the minute, to me he looks and sounds scared. Look at BJ penn, he moved up. Legend. Silva moved up. Legend. All

Got me wrong there mate, I was saying i respect him because he shuts down opponents. Plus bigger doesnt equal stronger. Look at BJ, managed to KO a legendary WW in Hughes, before drawing against the n

That guy has a SERIOUS left hand. Lol @ Fitch grappling the ref. Good performance by Overeem, think JDS punishes him though. Reem is very muscle bound and kind of slow, Junior TKO's him IMO. My respe

That's me just awake after the card on saturday. It put me into that deep a sleep. I'm all for the tactical side of the game when executed well ( Condit/Diaz for example) but those fights were just bad. Enjoyed the main event, thought Faber looked a little gunshy, but I think Barao had his number and he knew it. The boy is fucking good. I will pick him vs Cruz if that happens. How good would Barao vs McDonald be?

What happened to the co main? Good gameplan by Boetsch, not getting into a brawl with Lombard, but I thought he lost the fight. Lombard has no cunt to blame but himself, he never really turned up the heat. The dreaded 'octagon jitters' just might be real.

Kongo/Jordan - shite. Good to see Cup Cheick getting a taste of his own medicine for a change.

You have to love Matt Riddle. I'm a fan o the guy. Fought all pro fights in the UFC, loves a scrap, appreciates the fans and clearly loves his job. Tough as fuck too.

At least the prelims were decent. Jimmo didn't half stiffen Perosh. Funny part is he is a Lay and pray guy normally.

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It's been a massive 24 hours in the UFC. If you don't know what happened it when done something like this:

1. Rumours start that Dan Henderson is injured and is out of the Bones fight.

2. Henderson takes to twitter claiming to have had a great training session which is almost instantly retweeted by every fighter mentioned in the tweet.

3. Ariel Helwani reports that one of the fighters mentioned replies to someone saying he hasn't seen Henderson in a few weeks, tweet is pretty quickly deleted.

4. It's reported that Henderson is indeed injured and Chael Sonnen has offered to take the fight at 8 days notice.

5. Sonnen takes to twitter telling Jones he has 30 minutes to accept.

6. Jones refuses the fight and Dana announces that next weeks UFC 151 is cancelled, first time in UFC history a card is cancelled.

7. Dana White is pissed and announces that Bones will now headline UFC 152 saying that if he refuses this fight then Dana will be calling another press conference.

8. UFC announce that Jones will face Machida at UFC 152 and release a poster publicising the fight.

9. Machida turns down the fight saying he needs more time to prepare. Dana says Machida will now need to beat another top level opponent to regain top contender spot.

10. Vitor Belfort says he'll step in and take the fight. Fight is now going ahead!

Jones is catching a lot of shit for turning down the Sonnen fight and rightly so in my opinion as he's been planning on fighting a wrestler anyway and it's hardly as if Sonnen has been in camp for months preparing for this one.

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Poor show from Bones IMO. He's cost a lot of people money. He is catching a lot of shit from fellow fighters, not just ones who were on the card either. Bisping, Faber, Brennerman have all had a go.

I really dislike Jon Jones after this, never really a fan to begin with but he is in shape, fighting a wrestler (still), and is supposed to be the greatest. He should have took the fight. For someone tht seems to really care about what his fans think, i feel it is an odd decision not to. I dont think he is afraid of Chael, I think his ego is that huge now he thinks he is bigger than the company and can do as he likes. Michael Bisping fought an in shape Chael on 8 days notice, and arguably won the fight. This need more time to prepare is bullshit. Cunts used to fight 3 guys in one night, never mind having over a week to prepare for one guy. It's not as if Sonnen has a secret weapon he is going to unleash. Takedown + Ground and pound = Sonnen. Simples.

Whatever. Fighters should fight. He's a selfish prick. And I hope Vitor stiffens him.

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I don't think the entire thing is JBJ's fault, the card was weak anyways, the fact that they cancelled the card after losing Bones vs Hendo shows that. ZUFFA must take the blame, even if Bones turned down a fight.

Also, the other day Jones said he was in this for money. Who can sell a fight like Chael P Sonnen?

Answer- nobody.

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